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Buying the right Golfer

Blocklete Golf is all about the Golfers.  The Golfer you choose will have a huge impact on how much success you will have playing to earn with Blocklete Golf.  Continue reading and we will explain what each skill does and how it will affect game play, so you can make an educated choice.

Golfer Skills

Each Golfer has four different skills that determine how your Golfer will perform durring gameplay.

  • Power

  • Accuracy

  • Composure

  • Stamina

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Power determines how far your golfer can hit the ball.  This is important because the farthest target can't be reached by golfers with low power.  Power also has an effect on the speed of the accuracy meter.  When hitting a shot, the less power you have to use, the slower the aim meter will move.  This makes hitting an accurate shot much easier.


Accuracy seems to be the most important skill.  The higher your golfer's accuracy skill, the more forgiving the aim meter is.  You don't have to hit the exact center of the meter to still have an accurate shot.


Composure determines how much effect external elements will have on your golfer's shots.  Currently the only element in the game is wind.  The higher your golfer's composure, the less variance there will be when there is a wind factor.  This can be really annoying when trying to determine how hard to hit a shot if you have low Composure.


Stamina currently has no effect on actual game play, which to me makes it the least important skill.  It determines how fast your golfer replenishes energy.  Events and tournaments take a set number of energy per attempt.  All golfers have 100 energy and as you use it to enter tournaments, your golfer will get tired and lose power and accuracy on shots.

What to Look for!

Now that you know what effect each skill has on gameplay, you can decide which golfers will be easier to play with.  In my opinion, Accuracy is the most important, followed by Power.  These two skills allow you together allow you to use less power and have a slower more forgiving aim meter.  This in turn makes competing in tournaments much easier.

Each of these skills can be upgraded by competing in events and earning medals that convert to skill points.  This makes the starting values of each skill less important if you are willing to complete the daily challenges to build them up.  More importantly is the Max Value of all these skills.  What you want to look for is a golfer that doesn't necessarily have high Power and Accuracy skills, but one that has high Max Values for these two skills.

Blocklete Golf High Accuracy Golfer.PNG
Blocklete Golf Low Accuracy Golfer.PNG

As you can see by comparing the two golfers above, golfer #118 has over 800 Max Power and Accuracy and #1300 has much lower max values, but has higher starting accuracy.  You definitely would want to buy #118 over the other.  In the long run the paying twice the price will be worth it.

Another thing you will notice that is different about the two golfers is that one only has an ethereum price and the other has a cash price and an ethereum price.  This means that golfer #118 is being sold by another user.  On the marketplace users can buy and sell golfers, but have to list for ethereum.  Blocklete Golf also releases golfers for purchase and can accept ethereum or credit card.

One other thing you will notice is that #118 is a Founder Golfer.  These special golfers are no longer sold by Blocklete and can only be purchased from other people.  There are huge advantages to having a Founder Golfer!!

Founder Golfers

One other thing you will notice is that #118 is a Founder Golfer.  These special golfers are no longer sold by Blocklete and can only be purchased from other people.  There are huge advantages to having a Founder Golfer!!

Blocklete Golfe Founder Golfer.PNG

Any golfer that has the founder logo beside it qualifies for Founder benefits.  These benefits consist of:

  • Priority access to earn money from training other golfers  (coming in season 2)

  • Trainer cool down time reduced allowing your golfer to train more often

  • Founder's only Tournament every season

  • Airdropped token wearables like shirts, caps, swag and equipment including powered clubs and golf balls (coming early season 2)

  • First access to any special golfer collectibles

  • Exclusive first access to new games under Blocklete Franchise

Play 2 Earn

So as you noticed, we mentioned training in the Founders Perks.  Yes, others will be able to hire your golfer as a trainer.  This will increase their skill points much faster than playing in events and completing challenges, and we all know there are always people with more money than patience out there.  Using your golfers to train other's golfers will be one great way to make money playing Blocklete Golf.    One strategy could be to buy four golfers, each with a high Max in one of the skills.  You can then max out that skill and have four trainers, one for each type of skill.  So you will have a Strength trainer, Accuracy trainer and so on.  You can even use these four golfers to train your other golfers in each skill.

Besides having trainers, another way to play to earn with Blocklete Golf is to win tournaments.  They will be hosting tournaments with prize money payouts.  They have said $20,000 worth in season one alone.

The final way to Play to Earn with Blocklete Golf, is to buy and sell golfers.  You can find good golfers on the marketplace, build them up and resell them.  Once you build up some good training golfers, it will be easy to buy low experienced golfers, train them then put them back out on the market place as Elite Golfers. 

Get Started Today!!

Now you have all the info you need to purchase the a good golfer.  Jump in and grab one today.  We think the prices of founder golfers will only increase and the faster you get your golfer the higher you can increase its skill before the paid tournaments start.

Be sure to check out our other Blocklete Golf Guides and follow us on telegram, twitter and facebook for golfer giveaways!!

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