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What is Blocklete Golf?

Blocklete Golf is a blockchain based, arcade type browser golf game that allows players to compete in tournaments and events while earning money.  Blocklete Golf is owned by Turner Sports which is a division of Warner Media.  They will be giving out $20,000 in tournament prizes during their first season.

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Game Basics

In Blocklete Golf, you purchase a golfer from another player or from the marketplace.  You will then play in events or challenges to win Medals that will increase your golfer’s skills.  With higher skills, your golfer will be easier to use in the tournaments and future events.  When the tournaments open, you will be competing for your share of the $20,000 to be awarded throughout season one.  In the future you will also be able assign your golfer as a trainer and other players will pay you to train their golfers.  As you can see, there will be several ways to play to earn with Blocklete Golf.

The golfers are Non-Fungible Tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, which means once you buy one you actually own it, unlike characters or items on other games.  This gives you the ability to sell it on other NFT marketplaces or use it in other games if any are developed. 


You can buy and sell golfers in the marketplace on the site.  Golfers can be purchased with Ethereum or with debit or credit card.  You can also buy and sell golfers on other NFT marketplaces like opensea with Ethereum and other forms of cryptocurrencies.   If you notice in the picture below, you can also try the golfers out before you buy one.

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Before you buy your first golfer, make sure to check out our [Buying the Right Golfer] guide.

Events and Tournaments

Now that you have purchased your golfer, you can go to the events page and compete in daily and weekly skills challenges.  By playing in these events, you will win medals which will be converted into skill points for your golfer.

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When you click on an Event, you will see which type of medals you can win and all the details of the challenge.  Make sure to complete the Bonus Challenge for each event to get the extra medals.  You can also see the Leaderboard and how many medals you will get for each place.

Blocklete Golf Event Details.PNG

Shortly after the event ends your medals will be converted into skill points.  The closer your skill meter gets to being full the less points you will get for your medals.  This ensures that golfers can’t max out their skills to fast. 


Now you have a golfer and you understand what the events are for, it’s time to start golfing.  Each event or tournament takes energy to play.  Every golfer has 100 energy to start and it is regenerated at a speed dependent on how much stamina your golfer has.  As your energy goes down your power is decreased and your golfer won’t be able to hit the ball as far.  Click on the Play button, select your golfer and start playing.

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During Gameplay, you get 10 shots to rack up as many points as possible.  Pick a target, set your aim, select a club with the right distance, then using power and accuracy meters hit the ball and score as many points as you can.  Check out our [How to Win] guide for a full walkthrough of how to play and strategies to win.  Once you finish your 10 shots, you will see your final score and can see where you place on the leaderboard.

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Ready to Play2Earn with Blocklete Golf?  Get started today and be sure to follow us on twitter, facebook and telegram for golfer giveaways.  Be sure to check out our other guides on buying the right golfer and how to win also.   Be sure to follow us on telegram, twitter and facebook for golfer giveaways!!

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