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How to Play and Win

In this guide we will go over the basics of game play and then give some helpful tips to Winning.  If you have read our other guides, you will already know about Event Challenges and Tournaments.  These are what you will be competing in to earn skill points and your share of the $20,000 first season tournament payout.

Gameplay Basics

On the top left you will see Shots Left, Score and Timer.  Each round you are given 10 shots to score as many points as possible.  You are given 15 minutes to complete the round.  On the Right you will see the Map, Wind Speed and Club Selections.  The Map shows you the distance to each of the targets.  Wind Speed shows exactly that and the direction it is blowing.  The club selection item shows what club you are using and the max distance it can hit with a full power meter.  You can click on the club to change to a different club if you decide to aim for a different target.

Blocklete Golf Shots Timer Score.PNG
Blocklete Golf Map Wind Club.PNG

On the bottom left you have your golfer, which you can click on to see your golfer stats.  You can also change the sound settings and see the leaderboard by clicking on Scores.  

Blocklete Golf Golver Scores.PNG
Blocklete Golf Golfer Stats.PNG

On the bottom middle of the screen you will see the golf ball.  To start, you will need to click on the ball and move the target around to where you want to aim your shot.

Blocklete Golf Golf Ball.PNG
Blocklete Golf Target.PNG
Blocklete Golf Target Aim.PNG

Once you have aimed your shot at the target you want shoot at, you will click the ball again which will pop up the power meter.  Click the ball again when the power meter shows the amount of power you want.  Without wind the ball should go the distance of the club distance rating when hitting the power meter on the last yellow mark.  If you hit past this final mark, you can hit the ball farther than the distance shown for the club. 

Blocklete Golf Power Meter.PNG

Once you have clicked for the amount of power you want, the aim meter will pop up.  If you hit directly in the center of the power meter with no wind the ball will go straight toward where you set your aim at the first.  If you hit to the right or left of the center of the aim meter your ball will go in that direction.

Blocklete Golf Aim Meter.PNG

After clicking the ball to set your aim your shot will be hit, and hopefully hit the target you were aiming for.  You will score points depending on which target you are aiming for, the further targets give higher point payouts, but are of course harder to hit.

Blocklete Golf Shot.PNG
Blocklete Golf 600.PNG

Tips for Winning

Now that you know how gameplay works, I want to give you some of our strategies we use for winning.  

  • Pick the right golfer to begin with.  Buying the Right Golfer

  • Practice with your golfer using the practice link from your gallery.  This will give you an idea of which target you can comfortably reach.  It will also let you know where on the power meter you should hit for each wind speed.  Practicing doesn't use any of your energy, so it's a good idea to play a practice round right before entering a tournament or event.

  • Build up your accuracy and power before the money tournaments start.  Having high power will cause the aim meter to move slower, and having high accuracy will give you a bigger sweet spot on the aim meter.  This makes a huge difference in your ability to score high and have a chance of winning.

  • Always aim directly at the center of the target and use the aim meter to compensate for wind.  Using this technique lets you get in a rhythm while playing instead of stopping between each shot and adjusting your aim for the wind.  Also if a tournament ends in a tie, the golfer that completed the round fastest wins.

  • During Events, shoot for a target that you can easily use to complete the bonus challenge.  Even if you don't win the Event, you can gain the extra medals from the bonus challenge.  Also going for closer targets lets you use less power which causes aim meter to move slower.

  • Compete in every event so that your skills can build up, even if your golfer currently has low skills and you have trouble finishing in the top.  Just competing will give you medals and skill points.  With no practice you can compete an event in just a few minutes, so it is definitely worth the time.

  • Before you start a tournament, make sure you have just recently opened your browser tab.  If you leave your tab open for days, sometimes you will get degraded performance and jumpy meters.

We hope you have a good idea now how to play and win after reading this guide.  Now go get you a golfer and start building its skills.

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