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Sorare Draft

So you've got a Sorare account, you've read through our intro guide here, and you're ready to start playing and earning.


Here is your guide to maximizing your Sorare player card draft.


Immediately after joining Sorare, you will receive your 10 free common cards. With that set alone, you can play eight tournaments in the "rookie division", which gives you eight chances to win rare cards before moving up and competing in the higher divisions.  

This makes the selection of those 10 commons all the more important; your prize winnings are at stake, and we're here to help ensure you have a winning strategy going in. 

What do I mean by "selection" of your 10 cards? 

You have the option to auto-select your 10 free player cards or choose to draft the cards yourself. I highly recommend you choose to draft yourself; as I said, this is your chance to launch that winning strategy and get ahead of the competition. 

Sorare Draft or Auto Select.PNG

Player Card Draft: How it Works

First, you need to know which leagues are currently playing. 


If you have a favorite team - or teams - you would like to get players from, you may have to skip tournaments and wait until those teams are playing.


If you're ready to get straight to competing, you'll need to do some research to figure out who those teams are. 

Below, you'll see the "Draft Player" Selection screen.  On the left side of the screen, you'll see your budget - 400 Million - and the positions still needed to fill.  You have to select two players from each position, and then you'll have the option to grab two additional players from any position.

Sorare Initial Draft Screen.PNG

Something to keep in mind:


You can currently use your common cards in division 4 tournaments and goalkeepers tend to be  expensive, so it's usually good practice to get some good GKs that you can use in division 4 until you can afford buy a better one. 


Under 23 GKs are pretty rare also, so it’s a very good idea to get an under 23 GK as one of your selections.

When selecting players there is a search box if you know who you are looking for and there is also a filter section where you can filter by league, club, age and all kinds of other categories.

Sorare Draft Search.PNG
Sorare Draft Filters.PNG

Important: If you click on a player you can see scores for the past five games,  upcoming games, team, level, bonuses and power. This will be crucial when you're selecting your player cards for competition. All common cards from the draft should have the same power, unless they have switched teams.

Sorare Draft Player View.PNG

Maximizing Your Opening Draft: Tips and Best Practices


Now that you have a basic idea of how the player selection works, here's my advice for maximizing your draft potential. 

First, go to and click on Rankings then New Score Rankings. 


SorareData is currently a free site created by one of the Sorare Team Managers and has tons of useful information to help managers.

These rankings will show you which players have scored the highest over the past 5 and past 20 games. 


You can also filter by league and position.  So all you need to do is filter by the leagues that are currently playing - which will shape your draft - and concentrate on getting the best players from that league.


This strategy will likely give you some solid bargains on really good players.

Sorare Data.PNG

For Example:

You can see in the screenshot above that Ryota Marioka is the 11th ranked player over the last five games and you can get him for a salary of only 10 Million. 


In contrast, Pizzi is ranked 12th over the past five games and costs 147 Million (!!), so in this situation alone the SorareData site would give you major advantage in the cost efficiency department.  


You can maximize your players scores, rather than just buying a couple of the expensive well-know players and being forced to go sacrifice the rest of your picks for low-scoring, cheap players. 

Sorare Draft Marioka.png
Sorare Draft Pizzi.png

For some more advice through lived experience with successful drafting, here's how my initial draft went: 


When I first drafted, MLS was playing both midweek and weekends, and the Jupiler Pro League was playing weekends and were several games into their season, so I concentrated on those two leagues.

Below, you can see the outcome. Again, I used the SorareData site (it really is an invaluable resources for new Sorare players) and was able to secure some really high-scoring players at a bargain.


Maybe most notably, I was able to secure Ryota Marioka; he is 2nd overall in scoring over the past 20 games and 11th best over the past five games. His cost? The minimum salary. 


The full team of those Jupiler League and MLS players - so that I could play in both those mid-week and weekend tournaments right out of the gate - is pictured below.

Sorare Draft Selected Team.PNG

With this straightforward, no-nonsense drafting strategy, I was able to  put together a competitive team at the outset, well above much of the competition. 

It really is that easy: if you follow these tips - and some of the other detailed Sorare-focused strategy guides on our site - you'll be well on your way to playing and earning with Sorare. 

And there's your how-to, plus tips and best practices for maximizing your draft potential in Sorare.


We know you're here to play and earn big, so we'll keep it short and simple: you have the tools, you've got the knowledge, all you need to do now is click the link below and get started drafting!

Use the link below to sign up and get a free Rare Card after your first 5 Rare Card purchases from auctions!!

Sorare 10 Free Player Cards.png

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