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Sorare Lineup Selection FW.PNG

Setting Lineups and Winning

Now that you’re up to speed on the basics of the game and how to get started, it’s time that we talk setting lineups and winning.

If you haven’t yet read our Sorare intro articles, we have three separate guides (an intro to Sorare, how to get started, and how to draft your initial players) on the site. 

This guide will help you set your first lineup with your drafted players and begin competing for collectibles and Ethereum prizes!  

First you will click on the Play menu item.  This will take you to the Gaming Arena, where you can see the open tournaments and all the past tournament results.  Go to the Open game week and click Compete.

Sorare Play Game Week.PNG

From there you will see the different Divisions that are available for the game week.

Sorare Play Rookie.PNG

Select Starter League Rookie.  This will bring up the prize pool and let you select Register a Team to get started building your lineup.

Sorare Rookie Prizes.PNG

After clicking Register a Team, you will be taken to the team builder screen.  This is where you can set your lineup for the game week.  As you can see in the picture below, you will need a Goalkeeper, Defender, Midfielder, Forward and one extra outfielder.  

Sorare Lineup Selection.PNG

You can click on the Used or NG check boxes to include your used players or players that don't have a game this game week.  Sometimes you will need to do that if you have no players with a game for a certain position, you can still submit them in a team.  There is also the Stats View slider that will show the player's past five game scores.  This is nice to be able to tell who is hot recently.

Sorare Lineup Stats.PNG

From here you will just select a player for each position to build your team.  You can also click the pro button to be able to see the past five scores of the players you already have selected.  Here are illustrations for each selection of our first Rookie League Lineup.

Sorare Lineup Selection GK.PNG
Sorare Lineup Selection DEF.PNG
Sorare Lineup Selection MID.PNG
Sorare Lineup Selection FW.PNG
Sorare Lineup Selection Extra.PNG

Once you are finished click the Confirm button to finish registering your team.  You will then see that it says "Team registered" below the Starter League Rookie Division.

Sorare Lineup Team Registered.PNG

On the main Game Week screen you can also select Tier Details and you can tell what players are in the prize pool for the division you are playing in.

Sorare Rookie Tier 1 Rare.PNG
Sorare Rookie Star Common.PNG

During the game week as games are played you can go back into the game week and see how your players are scoring and see what place you are currently in. 

Sorare Lineup Player Scores.PNG

Once the game week is over you can go back to the Gaming Arena using the Play Menu Selection to see the final results.  If you have won something you will see a Claim your rewards button on top of the game week.  Click this button to see what you have won.  In this tournament we finished 42nd, which was in the top 10% so we won a star common card.

Sorare Results.PNG
Sorare Player Claim.PNG

After clicking the Claim button your new player card will show up in your gallery for use next game week.

Sorare My Gallery New Player.PNG

We hope this Guide for building your first Sorare Lineup has been informative.  Check out some of our other Sorare articles, also be sure to follow us on telegram, twitter and facebook for Sorare Player Card Giveaways.

If you haven't started playing yet, no time is better than now to get started.  Click below and grab your free cards and start winning!

Use the link below to sign up and get a free Rare Card after your first 5 Rare Card purchases from auctions!!

Sorare 10 Free Player Cards.png

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