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What is Sorare?

Sorare is a blockchain-based fantasy soccer game. The game centers on a licensed player card system, where you can use collectible cards of real soccer players to either build your fantasy team and compete in tournaments or just opt to collect and trade your player cards on the transfer market.

And the best part? You’re playing to EARN!

If you build strong fantasy teams or simply collect the most valuable player cards to trade, you can turn those hours spent gaming into a very nice profit.

For some background on Sorare – their platform was launched in March of 2019 with just a handful of managers and has since grown to over 2000 managers as of August 2020. They began with only West Ham and the Belgium pro league teams licensed and now give you access to 100 licensed teams. Sorare has also raised around $4.5 million in seed round investments to continue building and licensing teams, and they continue to grow with new managers joining every day!

It's All About the Cards

Everything in Sorare is based on digital Player Cards. These cards are ERC-721 NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) on the Ethereum blockchain, meaning they are each unique cards and can be verified on the blockchain, unlike other kinds of digital sports cards.

What does all of that mean? It means you have true ownership of your cards. You can do what you want with them, whether that means using them in other games, selling them on outside markets, or even putting them on display in your own digital house in some virtual blockchain world.

Sorare cards currently come in four different rarities. 

  1. Common Cards: the lowest level cards, used in the “Rookie League” for new users to compete against each other for a chance to win Rare Cards.

  2. Rare Cards: the first player cards with value, limited to 100 per (soccer) player per season and can be used in ALL divisions.

  3. Super Rare Cards: some of the most valuable cards in the game, limited to 10 per (soccer) player per season and can be used in divisions 1-3

  4. Unique Cards: the most rare player cards in the game, limited to 1 per (soccer) player per season and are mostly used in division 1.





Cristian Ronaldo Rare.png
Cristian Ronaldo Super Rare.png
Cristian Ronaldo Common.png
Cristian Ronaldo Unique.png

Each rarity starts off with a different power multiplier and grows as you play them and they gain experience.  As you use a player card in tournaments, it will gain levels and become more powerful. I’ll dig a little deeper into that in my other Sorare guides, but to get started, that’s all you need to know.

Build Your Team, Compete and Win Prizes!

Besides collecting, you can use your cards to enter bi-weekly tournaments where you can win more player cards AND Ethereum. These tournaments are broken down into divisions based on regions and age groups. Tournament categories are as follows:

Global All Star – Global Under 23 – Asia – Europe Challenger -- Europe Champion – America

Each of these tournament regions contains up to four divisions with different power limits so that the extremely powerful “Unique” player cards aren’t competing against “Common” and “Rare” player cards. Here is an example of the Global tournament section:

Global Sorare Tournaments.PNG

You create a team of five players including Goalkeeper, Defender, Midfielder, Forward and one additional outfielder.  As soccer games are taking place in real time around the world, your players score based on their actual game play and the score is multiplied by the power that your player card has. The scores of your five players are then added up for a total score, and you earn a place on the leaderboard. Depending on how you rank, you may win more player cards and Ethereum. This is where the EARNING comes in!

Here are examples of a tournament prize pools:

All Star Division 1 Prizes.PNG
All Star Division 4 Prizes.PNG

Next up, Card Trading

Cards are bought and sold on “The Transfer Market.”


Within the Transfer Market, there is a…

  • “New Cards” section, where all of the new cards will be listed and auctioned off by Sorare

  • “Manager Sales” section, where team managers can sell their own cards


Sorare Auction (New Cards)

Sorare will release player cards in an auction format, and there is usually a theme based on newly licensed teams, players in a certain league, and more. The players are auctioned by the same 100/10/1 ratio in the card rarities (see “Sorare cards come in four different rarities” above), so at any point there should be close to 10 times as many super rare cards as unique cards, and 10 times as many rares as super rares.


Manager Sales (Secondary Market)

In this market, team managers list their own spare cards for sale. These are structured in a “buy-it-now” format with each listing lasting 48 hours. This is really useful if you just need one player to complete a team but don’t have time to wait on a Sorare auction to end. This is where you will earn most of the money you make from Sorare.

Sorare Transfer Market.PNG

So, How can I Play to Earn with Sorare?

Everybody knows It’s all about the earnings… So how can you actually get paid through Sorare? Two ways: You can win Eth prizes or player cards in tournaments or you can speculate on players and resell them for profit.

Winning Tournaments

This is the best way to make money in Sorare in my opinion. It isn’t too demanding – you don’t even have to win first place to earn! – and it’s the most fun. You compete with your team and build your collection until you are able to put together multiple competitive teams with high-value player cards. From there, it’s a snowball effect:   you compete in more tournaments week-to-week and before you know it, you’re winning new cards and more Ethereum in every competition!

  • This will feed directly into your secondary market profit as well – the more tournament prizes you win, the more valuable player cards you’ll have to turn around and sell for a profit.


Player Card Speculation

This requires you to learn the market. You’ll need to put time into researching the best players, finding the best value in the market, and so on. Of course, you could also just gamble and get lucky, but I don’t think the added risk is necessary. If you put the time in, this is a great way to make a profit on Sorare. If you’re interested in this method, I’d encourage you to check out my own detailed guides with tips and best practices for card speculation, based on my own success with card-trading for profit.

  • Tips for starters: Don’t immediately relist player cards you just bought. This will give you a bad reputation among other team managers. The best way to get started with this is to look into the young players with high upside, or players about to come off of injury.


I have had a good amount of success using both of these methods to turn a profit, so I encourage you to check out my other more detailed Sorare guides if you’re looking to MAXIMIZE your earning potential!


What Do You think?  Ready to Start Playing and Earning?

Sorare is a wildly fun, engaging game that can also be very profitable if you are willing to put the time and effort into building teams and collecting the right players.

Whether you are a crypto fan and want to multiply your crypto, a soccer fan looking for a new fantasy game to play or just a collector wanting to build a valuable collection of NFTs, then Sorare is definitely a game you should play.

They are still in the early stages of building, licensing and onboarding new users, but have grown over 1000% in the last year and a half and have goals of reaching hundreds of thousands to millions of players in the future.

There’s no better time than now to jump in, start playing, trading, and of course, EARNING!

Use the link below to sign up and get a free Rare Card after your first 5 Rare Card purchases from auctions!!

Sorare 10 Free Player Cards.png

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